Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Why, hello there! You might see that this blog is pretty boring right now. Im sorry! But I am in the middle of a major blog makeover or startup, really.

You see, I used to blog over at The Little Willow Tree. And it was a lot of fun! What was really cool about that is I had gained a lot of readers in the last few months blogging there, but in those few months the blog grew {and I grew too} into something more than what my vision was in the beginning. My focus had changed, my goals had changed, I changed! And with the fun giveaways, awesome link ups, and blog vision I had, Wordpress just couldn't offer me what I needed. I was sort of being held back. So I thought, planned, and prayed hard about what to do next and, with a little help from my bloggie friend Heidi at Mustache Mama, I decided to change the name of my blog to something that suits the overall purpose and my overall vision of what I would like this blog to be. And, obviously, I made the move to Blogger.

What is my purpose, you ask? It's simple. The purpose of this blog is to share with you my life. From my kids, to my sewing, to Stitch Markets and Etsy products. To giveaways, sponsored posts, reviews, and ramblings of my personal life. Oh and lets not forget my {recent} obsession with Pinterest and diy projects {failed and successful}. Most of all, though; my purpose is to entertain and inspire you.

A little bit of what you should expect {if you followed me at The Little Willow Tree, you'll see the same and more!}:

DIY posts
Product/Company Reviews/Sponsored Posts
My kids
My Etsy products
Sewn projects
Pinterest projects
Post link ups {with other blogs}
Featured posts
Post Series: Hello Monday!, Work In Progress Wednesday, Pinspiration Friday {two are link ups}
Swaps {Hosted or participated in}
Sponsor Ad spots
Personal posts
*Better Pictures!!*

So even though this blog sits here, quietly and boring looking; I promise you that very soon this blog will explode into a bunch of awesomeness and a design that truly expresses who I am. But in the meantime, please add me to your blogroll or bookmarks or Google Reader {oh my GOSH, I love Google Reader!!} and check back often - Chevron Stitches will be up and running soon!

>Insert really awesome signature here that is currently being created!<

P.S. I will be transferring select posts from my other blog like my popular interviews and Pinspiration Friday posts, as well as some others. For bulk purposes and to draw you new readers in to show you how awesome I am. Haha. But seriously.

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I love reading your comments! I try to get back to everyone who leaves me some love, too. May take a while, but I'll get to it! XO