Saturday, December 15, 2012

DIY Makeup Remover

After reading an article a while back that scared the crap out of me, I decided I needed to make a few more natural products at home, especially ones to use on my face.
I don’t wear much makeup, but when I do I usually end up sleeping with it on my face because I can’t seem to find a makeup remover out there that isn’t all natural that won’t break my bank. And after that article {you seriously need to click on that link!}, I’m not sure I want to buy much of any type of cosmetic in the stores anymore. So I set out to solve my makeup remover problems with three ingredients! The great thing about this stuff is you pretty much know what the heck is in it!
-jar with lid
-olive oil or coconut oil
-tear free baby shampoo

Pour 1/2 tablespoon of baby shampoo into jar
Pour 1/4 teaspoon olive oil or coconut oil
Pour in enough water to fill the jar
See all the oil float to the top
Put lid on jar and shake it thoroughly
Put a cute label on
And you’re ready to use it!
As with any makeup remover, always shake the liquid before use. Store at room temperature in the bathroom or beauty closet.
If you do purchase cosmetics in store, online, or anywhere else, always check the package or bottle to make sure it says ‘Not tested on animals’! Buy natural when you can and save the lives of little critters {and save your skin from abrasive ingredients!}.

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  1. you're very creative.. I never know that we could made it by own self.. Maybe I need go to the market to buy the material ^^

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  2. This is great! I should try it sometime :) xo

    1. I use it every time I wear make up and LOVE it!

  3. Thank you for visiting! Excited to add you to my weekly reads :)


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