Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You Know You're a PTA Mom When...

As some of you may know, I am a PTA Mom. I've been a PTA mom since Bry was in Kinder and have been incredibly involved with her school and the parents at her school. I plan to do the same with Oliver when he gets into grade school. This year, however, I went hardcore and was nominated for Secretary on the Executive Board and accepted! If I thought I was involved before, I had no idea what was coming! 
I have spent many hours at school counting, stuffing envelopes, delivering packages, writing notes, planning events.. not to mention taking minutes at the PTA meetings and going home to type them up into a much shorter version of what was actually talked about at our {over 2 hour} meetings. With all of these hours comes some slight sacrifices in other areas of my life {which I'm totally not complaining about!} so I thought I would start a new monthly series called 'You Know You're a PTA Mom When...'. 

... you go to a PTA meeting 11 hours before you're scheduled to deliver
... your laundry really should get done but you have a fundraiser to prepare for
... you work your dinner schedule around the PTA meetings
... your next PTA meeting after said birth of child is only 4 weeks into recovering from a cesarean... and you still make it
... you're nursing your baby at the meetings
... you have more contacts in your address book for fundraisers than you do for anyone else
... the words 'bake sale' don't scare you anymore
... you have to reschedule your child's dr. appointment because it interferes with the Fall Festival
... your computer automatically suggests your PTA minutes as the first 'recent place' when opening a new file
... the ladies in the office know you by name, know your birthday, know all of your kids, and what car you drive
... your baby is the PTA mascot
... you frantically come up with any excuse to get out of your hubby's birthday dinner because it's on the same night as the PTA meeting and then feel incredibly nervous and totally guilty when you can't and you have to miss the meeting {totally experiencing this tonight!!}

Can any of you relate? 


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  1. Whoa, kudos to PTA Mom!!! You are an amazing woman, wife, mother, and human being. I teach middle school language arts and can't imagine doing all of this. Geesh! Thank you for sharing and participating in the 12.12.12 link-up.

    1. Thank you Nicole! Some days seem easy, other days are not pretty, but I sure do love it!! Thank you for telling me about the link up!

  2. Hehe! We're still in the toddler stage so I'm yet to experience the PTA joy... Sounds hectic! Happy to be your newest follower from the mommy brain mixer blog hop :)

    1. Being in the PTA is amazing and I love it! Its hectic at times, but who said raising and supporting you kiddos are perfect? Haha. Thank you for visiting!! XO


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