Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Reusable Coffee Filter

 How many of you are coffee drinkers? And of those said coffee drinkers, how many of you waste money on buying disposable filters? Well, I have the solution for you...

Make your own!! It will save you money and you can feel proud that you're contributing to saving our planet one less coffee filter at a time. Did I mention that this will take you 5 minutes to make? 

Shocking, I know. It will take you less time to make this than to brew a pot of coffee. I'd say thats a win.

Here is what you'll need:

-template {absolutely not necessary, though. you can freehand a cone shape just fine, i'm sure}. i used a paper filter that ive had for ages that i traced on card stock to make my template.
-pre-washed, loose-woven unbleached cotton muslin; about 1/4 yard

Thats it! Oh, wait; you need a sewing machine and scissors too. 


Fold fabric over so that you have two layers

Trace your template on to your fabric {you could trace on the fold like I did, too, but it doesn't matter} OR draw a cone shape with a flattened bottom

Cut out filter, making sure to cut inside the pen markings

Sew along the bottom and two sides leaving the widest part open {the top}
{If you traced on the fold, you will only sew bottom and up one side}


Now go brew your coffee and enjoy the flavors! 


*Added bonus! You will definitely notice a taste difference in your coffee if you switch to these if you've been using those metal basket ones. Trust me. 

Make a few of them and rotate them out each day. I currently have a whole weeks worth and once I rinse them out after use I put them in the dishwasher in that Munchkin Dishwasher Basket that has a lid {so the filters don't get thrown everywhere while washing} and run it with the dishes and the coffee pot each day! You could also throw them in a wash with your kitchen towels. I keep my dirty kitchen towels in a hanging wet bag so that would be the perfect place to keep the filters. 


You can find a video for this on VINE! So if you want to see one of these made in 6 seconds, head on over to Vine and find me... Chevron Stitches! 

{If you absolutely do not want to make one of these and use disposable filters, please please purchase unbleached paper filters. They are so much better for you and your coffee!}


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  1. Who's the HOTTIE drinkin' coffee??
    I am so going to try this!! Where did you get the fabric from?? I have regular muslin, will that work????

    1. That hottie be the face that's comin to see you today! :)

      I'll take a look at the muslin you have and see if it will work. It needs to be a loose-woven muslin in order for the water to filter through freely and not stop up, but not too loose so that the grounds don't get pushed through.


  2. i love this idea! I definitely want to try this

  3. you're so gorgeous, and this is a fab idea! keep at it sweets :) x


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