Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thread The Pages | First Book Club Meeting

Last week we had our first book club meeting. I was a little nervous to see how well we would carry on conversation and discussion on the book, but it went fabulous! 
We held the 'meeting' on the Facebook group through group convo. 

The first book we read was Talk Before Sleep, by Elizabeth Berg. Here is a little blurb about the book:

"Until that moment, I hadn't realized how much I'd been needing to meet someone I might be able to say everything to."

They met at a party.  It was hate at first sight.  Ruth was far too beautiful, too flamboyant.  Not at all Ann's kind of person.  Until a chance encounter in the bathroom led to an alliance of souls.  Soon they were sharing hankies during the late showing of "Sophie's Choice," wolfing down sundaes sodden with whipped cream, telling truths of marriage, mortality, and love, secure in a kind of intimacy no man could ever know.  Only best friends understand devil's food cake for breakfast when nothing else will do.  After years of shared secrets, guilty pleasures, family life and divorce, they face a crisis that redefines the meaning of friendship and unconditional love.

And here are a few highlights from our 'meeting':
{no names will be displayed and these are in snippets, not the whole convo}

Alright ladies, thank you for being 'here'! Im so excited about this. I hope everyone enjoyed the book. I sure did. I even almost cried!

I'm pretty sure I did cry and played it off as allergies haha

I cried my eyes out! (Soaked my whole shirt)

What I loved most about the story was the connection they had with each other.

I think it had great character development and showed the relationships of all of the characters well

I know that I personally have a hard time in life having a 'best friend'. I feel like I am so old because I had to grow up so quickly that someone who might have been my best friend if I hadn't of had my daughter so young cant really relate to me and doesnt understand my life. So it kind of made me jealous, their friendship. Ha

Yes, and that the two women could bare their souls

I liked the book, but honestly couldn't relate to it very well. I don't have a best friend, so I couldn't really get that aspect

Although I've never kissed her under the stars.

I think the sort of lesbian overtones combined with the really vague spirituality part sort of made the book less enjoyable for me. It was a good read, but not necessarily my cup of tea I guess.

I would love a follow up to the book to see Ann later on. Death can change people.

I loved the whole damn book up until the end

Yup, hated the ending. It just ended so dull. Like anticlimactic.

the ending was poop

I think the snippets at the end were to show that Ann's life would go on w/o Ruth.

hahahaha. I LOL'd when she made her promise to take her vibrator so no one would find it later, hahahaa

In that situation, I would love to have someone by my side like that, To hide my vibrator!

Yeah, I'd be like "Let's go play Bingo and eat peanut butter cups!!

Yes, we all need the vibrator hiding friend. Lol

See, great conversation! 

The next book we are reading is The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, by Rachel Joyce.

If you would like to join my book club, please send me an email or leave me a comment; be sure to include your email. You can also head on over to the Facebook book club group and ask to join. There is also a board on Pinterest where you can pin book suggestions!


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