Friday, February 1, 2013

Pinspiration Friday

Happy Friday! How was everyone's week? Mine was super productive! I love weeks like that. It mostly has to do with blogging and some other awesome stuff that a bloggy friend and I are creating. I know, the suspense! You all will find out soon! Mostly because we are just SO EXCITED for this to happen and to get started and are becoming impatient! Soon. Soon.

Today I am sharing with you one of the first pins I had added to the Pinspiration Friday board months ago. I have been wanting to make it for the kids {mostly Bry right now} so we headed to Home Depot this week and got what we needed for it.

Here is the original Pinspiration:
I took that concept and made it my own. I really wanted to use some big scraps of fabric I have had sitting for over a year now and found a pretty moss green piece screaming 'staple me, staple me!!'
In the original pin, she used duct tape, but I'm a cheapskate and all of the duct tape I have cost me a pretty penny so fabric was a much better option for me. My daughter and I took the fabric and stretched it around the board and stapled it.
I am not that good at this apparently, but it works. 

The dowel we had purchased for this purpose is a little too small so we need to head back and get a bigger dowel.

But Bry had fun trying to get herself balanced anyway. She has been on it for the past 30 minutes seeing how many times she can stay balanced and for how long. I wish everything entertained my kids this much all the time! Ha!

Do you have any Pinspirations brewing right now? Share with me!

Oh, and if you didn't know yet, I am hosting a Fabric Swap! Head on over to the post to read the rules and guidelines then email me to sign up! Going to be such a fun swap! 


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