Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Fox & A Wolf New Blog Design + Ad Swaps

If you follow me on my personal blog A Fox & A Wolf, you may have noticed some changes recently. A few weeks ago I redesigned the blog and made a new button. I also added a new weekly series called Insta-Weekly where I share with you my favorite Instagram photos from the week. I've been praying a lot lately about finding a good balance between my family life and obligations and my blogging obligations and have felt the press of writing more on my personal blog. I don't offer much of anything other than my life's ramblings, some outfit posts, things about baby, my opinions on parenting, and my life with my 'wolf' and our 'pups', but I would love to get my blog more out there. I am still in the works of laying out a solid schedule for this blog, B.You, and A Fox & A Wolf, but in the meantime I still plan to bring you posts on all three blogs and hope that you will also follow me along in my personal life apart from Chevron Stitches. 

As I have discovered in the past year of blogging, swapping ads when you're first starting out blogging is one of the biggest ways to get yourself out there and gain more followers. I talked a lot about this on B.You. For about a month I have just added my fave blogs buttons to the sidebar of A Fox & A Wolf, but decided to make things a lot easier for me and for the person I would be 'swapping' ads with, I thought I would introduce a sponsor page where you can swap ads with me through Passionfruit Ads. Since I am introducing this new feature on the blog, I thought I would give you some snapshots of A Fox & A Wolf in hopes that you'll head over and check me out... maybe give a follow? 

The header was created by using an overlay purchased through Ink Nest and adding text with PicMonkey. The pages underneath the header were created with images and text from Ink Nest as well as combining other elements in PicMonkey. 

In my sidebar you can click on my Thread the Pages Book Club button which will take you to information on my online book club and how to join. I also have a section where I display all of my favorite blogs. I am hoping you will be in there soon! <wink wink> This is where all of the ad swaps will be displayed and rotated through out the month. 

I have an adorable new 'about me' image that gives you a brief description of who I am and what I blog about. You can always click on the 'About Me' button under the header to find out more about who we are!

A Fox & A Wolf

A Fox & A Wolf

A Fox & A Wolf

I made some fun buttons with grab boxes in my sidebar if you would like to grab one! 

New Sponsor section. I use Passionfruit Ads for Chevron Stitches so it only made sense to use it for this blog as well. Swapping ads is easy and I give you the code in the description of the ad.

Follow on Bloglovin

I am also on Bloglovin' so be sure to head on over and give a follow there as well since Google Reader and GFC are gone in July!

I also created a new blog signature. 

It's pretty apparent I am passionate about blogging. I may not be the best blogger and I may not have a great blogging schedule down, but it is something I love to do and there is nothing more gratifying than to make amazing bloggy friend connections while doing it. If you would like to swap ads with me for A Fox & A Wolf blog, head on over and let me know! 


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  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog design at Fox and a Wolf. So simple and elegant!

    Summer x

    1. Thanks Summer! I am pretty proud of it. Now to just stay on top of it with everything else and grow it big! XO


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