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Mama Bird's Kitchen Interview

A friend of mine runs her own cute little baking business right out of her own home and bakes the most delicious things around. She also can cook up one hot storm, too! She was based out of Napa Valley but has recently moved here to the Central Coast and is already on her way to great success here. 

I wanted to have a little chat with Jesselle to get to know her behind Mama Bird's Kitchen and share with all of you the deliciousness she is and makes.

Meet Mama Bird aka Jesselle:

What is Mama Bird's Kitchen all about?

Mama Birds Kitchen is literally that. It is my kitchen. All of the recipes are simply what I am eating that day and feeding to my kids and family. My husband has called me mama bird since we were first dating because I was a mama to all these college boys cooking and cleaning up after them.There is this fantastic feeling you get providing and nourishing for someone. I love that food brings family and friends together and the fact that through blogging I can bring even more people together is a dream come true. Over the years I have been on many diets and have experimented with different health paths so my cooking has adapted. Currently I have eliminated wheat from my diet and am trying to use very little process sugars. So most of my recipes are with those restrictions. I have been cooking since I was five and so honestly these new changes to my diet have been a fun challenge in the kitchen.

When did you first start baking/cooking?

Age five I would do whatever it was I had to do to be in the kitchen. I had a pretty good talent for figuring out what flavors went with what. I also had a wonderful memory, show me once, and I got it.

What is your fave to bake?

I love baking cupcakes. As much as it saddens me that its this huge CRAZE and it's now very competitive, I do love baking them. They are so impish and unique. I love combining unique flavors and just blowing people's minds. Most people say, "oh I actually don't really like cake/cupcakes." then bam! they are my biggest fan!

What is your fave to cook?

I love cooking just about anything. I love simple fresh ingredients. I love cooking new things. Taking ingredients and swapping them around in new ways to create something fresh and new. I rarely make the same thing twice.

Where do you get your kitchen inspiration from?

I think I get it from everywhere. Sometimes I look at bon appetite magazines and just literally am so excited to get in the kitchen and re create them. Sometimes I have this absolutely awful dish that should have been exquisite at some restaurant and cannot wait to get in my kitchen and "fix" that mistake. Sometimes its just me sitting around thinking of what to do with the 5 ingredients I have left in my pantry! (mostly the last one)

Where would you like Mama Bird's Kitchen to be in the next 5 years?

Ummmm having been in and a part of the hospitality business for 13 years, it is hard to say. Owning a restaurant by myself is something I don't know if I am capable of, not with two young kids. The idea of my own little cafe is nice. Maybe a food truck. Maybe a small bed and breakfast. I am all over the board with dreams. Mostly I would love to still have my main focus on my kids and husband and if I can find something to do on the side that allows me to share what is inside of me with the world, then that would be just perfect.

You lived in Angwin and now the Central Coast, which both are known as 'wine country' - do these two areas have any influence on your cooking?

Of course! where there is wine there is such good food. They go hand in hand. I get inspired by it. I love to cook with wine and beer. It actually lowers the amount of animal fat (stock, butter, lard, cream etc) For instance in most of my cupcake recipes I use beer instead of milk. It is SO delicious and it dose make it healthier. I once made a sauce that was nothing but an entire bottle of cab that had been reduced with 1 tbs of tomato paste and a bundle of herbs that we plucked out at the end. I put it over meat balls and spaghetti squash. Possibly one of the best sauces I have ever had in my life.

What is your fave wine?

Not sure I have a favorite. It completely depends on the mood, situation and company.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself outside of the kitchen?

Outside of the kitchen....I have a five year old daughter named Bella Kai and a nearly 3 year old son named Finnigan. My husband and I have been married for nearly 6 years and have been having the time of our lives trying to raise these babies and trying to see some dreams come true. We are both starving artists trying to make the ends meet at least once in a while. We surf. We hike. We live a pretty simple life trying to go against the flow and keep onto who we really are.

Do you watch cooking shows? If so, which are your faves?

I actually do not watch too many cooking shows. They sorta drive me nuts. I don't enjoy a lot of the "personalities" that go along with the show biz foodie stuff. I also am not too big into the competition type shows. I used to love top chef, food wise and cooking wise, totally interesting...but behind scene drama BLEH! I do enjoy Iron Chef. I LOVE the totally unique foods and techniques. However, I rarely watch it.

Guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasure....I love watching HGTV...I love real estate....I love decorating and diy home restoration. I am not particularly good at it, but it's an addiction, I have to have my surroundings to be JUST the way I like them. accordance I also love Pinterest!

Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Well...Edward doesn't eat I can't really see how we would have even been friends. But no dogs are allowed in the I'm going with team "not into twilight"

Thank you so much Jesselle for sharing with us and letting us get to know you and Mama Bird's even more! 

Please head on over to Mama Bird's Kitchen and look at all of the amazing deliciousness she blogs about!


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