Monday, May 6, 2013

Big City Book

This weeks link up for the Blogger Book Swap is books about, or that take place in, big cities. I'm not one to read a book that is about any city specifically because that would classify as some sort of 'history book' and I do not read those, however; I have read a lot of books that take place in a big city. One of my favorites is 'The Nanny Diaries' by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus, which takes place In New York City. 

I used to be a nanny so I picked this book up to see what it was all about and loved it. Such a riot! I haven't seen the movie for it, but I heard it was good. I'd rather just stick to the book and not let it get ruined for me because I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Sort of made me glad and whished at the same time that I was a nanny in New York City!

Do you have any fave books that take place in a big city? 


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  1. I just read Nanny Returns a couple of weeks ago! Loved it just as much as The Nanny Diaries! My favourite "big city" book is An Invisible Thread. I forget who it is by but it is amazing! It's a true story about a busy, NYC executive who walks past an 11 year old panhandler on the streets, does a double take and goes back to buy him MacDonalds and it changes both their lives forever. It is definitely well worth a read! xx

  2. Thanks for linking-up! I liked The Nanny Diaries as well but wasn´t a big fun of the movie though. To me Scarlett Johansson wasn´t a good choice.

    I don´t read books just because they´re set in NYC as well, I just happened to read books and realized that most of them are.

    After living there I now love to travel back while reading a great story :)

  3. I'm just the opposite: I've watched the movie but have not read the book! Thanks for linking up with us, I hope you are enjoying the blogger book swap experience. Have a great week!

    Nicole @ Three 31 (co-host)

  4. I loved the Nanny Diares. I've also seen the movie and I liked it too.

    X Audrey

  5. Like Nicole, I've seen the movie but haven't read the book. I thought the movie was entertaining and hilarious, so I'm sure the book is that ten times over. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. You are the second one to say that it made you laugh. I'll take that to heart since you were actually a nanny. Interesting to me though, I watched people's kids in the summer in Wisconsin and we called it babysitting. I'll bet you got paid better too! Thank you for sharing!


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