Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DIY Fringe Top

While Bry and I were hanging out she mentioned she wanted to make a fringe top. She is a little too young for a belly top {like by 8 years!} but I agreed to help her make one if she wore a tank under it while she was out. The shirt turned out real cute and we had a lot of fun doing it. So grab a shirt you don’t mind cutting up and a pair of scissors and lets create a fun fashion statement!

Put your shirt on and figure out where you want the fringe to start. Usually its just below the bust, but you may want yours lower, like what we did for Bry. We decided just above the word ‘LOVE’ was a good spot.

Cut hem off bottom of shirt. If you want to do the sleeves too, cut the hem off of those as well.

{the rope was a cutting guideline for her}
Start cutting slits up the shirt to the guideline you made. Its best to cut both the front and back of the shirt at the same time to keep the slits even. Try to make the slits around the same size and not too thick.

It should look something like this

 Grab the front and back of each strand, hold down the shirt at the top and pull down to stretch the strand out. Be careful to not pull too hard.

 Now it should look like this

Put it on and be fashionable!

Hey, Hello Kitty; nice makeover!


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