Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DIY Wrapped Hair Comb

I am not a big hair accessory person since I cut my hair [I wish I hadn't! Ugh!], but my daughter is. She will wear anything from elegant to what-the-heck-is-that so I wanted to create a little fun twist to an otherwise original hair accessory for her; the hair comb. I'll take you through a very easy how to on making one for yourself.


-hair comb
-thread [in any color and as many colors as you'd like]


Take the thread and loop it around the first section of the comb and tie it off. Cut off as much excess thread at the end as possible. 

Continue wrapping around each section of the comb to desired thickness being sure to overlap the knot at the beginning to hide it. 

If changing colors, knot one end of a color to the other and continue wrapping, cutting off any excess thread on the ends. Be sure to tuck that knot in when you wrap around. Repeat for any additional colors.

At the end, cut the thread leaving enough at the end to tuck underneath some of the layers of thread already wrapped around the comb; tuck the end in.

You now have a spruced up hair comb that will make a statement!

Place hair comb in and show it off.


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  1. This hairclip is super cute and so yet so simple to make! Thanks for sharing :)

    Young Mommy Memoirs

  2. Hey! This is so cool! And so easy to make!:) what a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing! X
    Will definitely make one for myself, I love some simple hair accessory!

    1. Simple is what I love best. Being a mom with all of my obligations doesn't leave much time for complicated things or things that take too long. Thanks for stopping by! Xo


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