Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Call For Guest Bloggers

First, let me give a shout out to Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess for my absolutely fave photo app! If you haven't downloaded it yet, head on over to iTunes and get it! It's called 'A Beautiful Mess'.

Okay, now on to business. I will be out of town in June and taking a bit of a break to fill my Storenvy shop with goodies for you and your bambinos and am looking for guest bloggers. If you read Chevron Stitches, you're used to the content. I am not necessarily looking for the same content as it would be nice to offer my readers something else that I cannnot offer or know a lot about, so I am open to any ideas and suggestions you have. 

If you're interested in being a guest blogger, please email me at chevronstitches [at] gmail [dot] com. 


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  1. I could do like a lemon squares recipe?

    Otherwise I don't do much DIY or review type stuff, but I'd love to help you out!


  2. I have always wanted to try out guest blogging. I think it is a good idea. I will email you. I love your blog and am using the tutorial for making blog buttons to make some for my blog. I am an illustrator and mostly focus on, illustration, design, DIY, and nature.


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