Thursday, May 23, 2013

Book Character Crush

This weeks link up, hosted by Kimberly at The Simplicity, is about character crushes. 
Hands down, without a doubt, Edward Cullen is my book character crush. 

First of all I have to rant about how incredible the love is between Edward and Bella. Like, wow. How incredible is the chemistry with them? How absolutely parallel everything is with them! It's amazing how Edward had waited hundreds of years for her, not knowing it was her all along. It was always Bella. I can totally relate to that. 

Now on to why I'm totally crushing on Edward. A lot of it has to do with the things he says to Bella, how he approached their relationship, and how natural and organic things progressed between the two of them. But also the vision I had of him in my head was amazing. The way he looked, moved, talked, smiled, how his eyes glistened; all amazing descriptions from Stephanie Meyers that made it possible. That's what I love about books; your interpretation on the physicality's of every aspect of the story. Of course, when they cast Robert Pattison in the movie, I was visually pleased with her vision of who Edward was. But most of all, the biggest reason why I am crushing so hard on Edward Cullen... he's a vampire! I wish I were a vampire! Their porcelain skin, gorgeous eyes, amazing abilities [as depicted in the Twilight series], and 'vegetarian' diet are all incredibly appealing. It's no wonder Bella was so mystified and craved becoming one of them. I would too! Especially to be turned by Edward, and to be his. Forever. 

Yep; I could live with that.

Who's your character crush? Don't have a book crush? How about a movie crush? [Mine would be Noah from The Notebook; duh.]


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  1. Oh if you love Twilight, you'd love Shelly Crane. Caleb from Significant is also absolutely dream man material ;).

    1. I'll have to check that out! I am a huge Twilight fan and love fantasy books like these!


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