Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Ice Pack With Cover

As a mom of an accident prone daughter I’ve struggled in finding the right ice pack with the perfect consistency to help soothe those bumps and bruises. Ever thrown some ice cubes in a ziploc or busted out a bag of frozen peas? Yeah; doesn’t really work. So after searching for ice packs online with that slushyness, I came across an ice pack recipe and decided to try it out. It worked! It is the perfect consistency! I also made a cute little cover for it. My daughter doesn’t usually like icing an owie unless it looks cute.
The ice pack is very easy to make as well as the cover and you probably have all the ingredients to make it!
First lets make the ice pack.
rubbing alcohol
water {from the tap}
two ziploc bags; quart size
Pour 3/4 cup rubbing alcohol into ziploc bag
Pour 2 cups water into ziploc bag
Zip bag, making sure to squeeze all of the air out
Put ziploc in second ziploc and seal, squeezing all of the air out
Place in the freezer for about 4-6 hours to get the slushy consistency
Meanwhile…. make the casing.
one piece of fabric measuring 4×16 inches
one piece of fabric measuring 10×16 inches
sew on velcro measuring 7 inches
Take the fabric measuring 4×16 inches and fold in half; press
Open up and pin velcro on the bottom half of the fabric evenly spaced
Sew on velcro
Fold fabric in half again
Lay 4×16 inch fabric velcro side up at the top of the 10×16 inch piece of fabric, raw edges together, and pin
Sew across with a 1/4 inch seam allowance
Open up and press seam down
Fold in half, lengthwise, right sides together, and pin
Sew around the open long edge and bottom edge
Turn out and place slushy ice pack in cover
Now its ready to use!
Please be sure if you have any serious injury to consult a doctor before using an ice pack. This ice pack is not for use with cold lunches or ice chests.

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