Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello Monday

I took yesterday off from everything and lounged around on the couch watching the entire {yes, the entire} 17th cycle of America's Next Top Model. It was awesome and much needed, thats for sure. I definitely need to add that to my to do list every month. 

On this lovely Monday, that will still be almost as lazy as Sunday, I am finding inspiration in something that is key in my morning routine; something that keeps those lazy days {mostly} at bay. Coffee stations. 

{{Source Unknown}}
If I had half the space as these I would be happy! I have a small corner of the counter in our kitchen and though it works, if I had all that space oh I would fill it with amazing accessories and coffee and be able to merge my coffee and tea station together. 

But this works for now.


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  1. That first one is very inviting! who wouldn't want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee! :D

  2. Last week, I watched an entire cycle of America's Next Top Model, too. I just love that show! And it was cool being able to see each girl get eliminated and actually getting to see who won. I can't keep up with weekly shows so I love marathons.


  3. oh i love it! i envy coffee stations and don't have the space either - though I do have a little nook :0 maybe i'll share mine later this week!


  4. I love that second picture! Great inspiration, I might just have to come up with my own coffee bar some day.


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