Thursday, April 4, 2013

B.You Bloglovin' Blog Hop


Welcome to the first week of B.You's bloglovin' blog hop! 

Grab the button above and put it in your linky list or sidebar.

Follow your host, co-hosts, and guest host on bloglovin'. Leave a comment that you're a new follower so we can all come and check you out!

Link up your bloglovin' URL only.

Hop around and visit some of the other blogs that linked up and give them a follow. This is all about making new friends and finding new reads, not just linking up and expecting everyone to follow you.

Pin, Tweet, Facebook, blog this link up! The more exposure it gets, the more potential followers for you! 

Your Host:

Your Co-Hosts:

Ashley @ Chevron Stitches
Heidi @ Antlers & Roses 
Torrie @ Fox + Hazel
Shannon @ Sassy Lemonade

Your Guest Host:

**If you and interested in being a guest host, please email us at [at] gmail [dot] com

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  1. Such a great idea Ashley, especially with GFC ditching us. WHOMP.

    1. also wanted to let you know I couln't pin the link up. It wouldn't give me the image...only your blog header and some sidebar images.

  2. Thanks for co-hosting! I love B.You and now following you as well!


  3. thanks for the link up! nice to get some new reads in that bloglovin' roll, including yours!

  4. I'd say I want to remember this for next Thursday, but I'm going to be on an airplane the whole time. I will try my very best to remember the following Thursday because I want to participate!


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