Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Snow Globes

 For Christmas this year I am making all of my family and a few close friends handmade/homemade gifts. Snow globes is one of them. After googling for diy snow globes, I came across Whipperberry and their DIY Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globes. I fell in love. So I set out for some faux snow and something cute to glue to the lid of the jar. She had found some trees and the snow at Big Lots so I headed there to find the same. I was able to get some papery type now and some adorable little pine cones. The now I got isn't the best, but it works! I added water so that the snow was free floating when shook and it's so pretty!

I really like the effect the water gives. Makes it a little harder to tell that there is a pine cone in there, but the little flakes of snow constantly float around making it look like there is a flurry happening. 

We made a couple for the house as well and my daughter requested a special one be made for her since she has never owned a snow globe. {I could have sworn I have boughten one for her before!?!} Now she has a special handmade one she can keep with her forever :)


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