Friday, December 14, 2012

Pinspiration Friday

Hello! Happy Friday! Hope you all had a lovely week. I sure did! I got caught up and delivered all of my custom orders, mailed out an Etsy order, got my print out for the print swap Im participating in, and mailed off the ten birthday 'thank you' gifts for some followers! Now I will spend the weekend catching up on housework and starting on a project just for myself. And, surprise surprise, the fabric had chevron arrows on it! Ok, so now onto this weeks Pinspiration!

I found this pin via someone I was following and pinned it to two of my boards: diy/crafts and Pinspiration Friday. I knew right away that it was not only a project I wanted to complete, but also one I wanted to share with all of you. 

The original pin is from the Metric Child. You should check out her blog.. it is super cool! 

Ahhh, see? Aren't those radical? 

I got the bobby pins at the dollar store {I used the extra long ones for this project}, the earring hooks and wire at Michael's. For a total of $7 you can have these earrings! Oh, and you need nail polish, but before I even pinned this I had got some at the dollar store for a gradient nail effect a few weeks back. I'm sure you all have nail polish already. 

I'm definitely lovin' how these turned out. And I love how easy they are to make! The 
bobby pins I picked up had 72 total, which makes for 5 pairs if you use 7 pins each earring. What's cool about this project is you can do stripes like she did {I wanted stripes too} or you can do a chevron print or polka dots or whatever pattern and in whatever colors you like! 

Do you have a Pinspiration project? I'd love to see it! Link up with me below!


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  1. Those are so awesome! I am so not creative enough to think to do that!! Glad I found you, visiting from the Aloha Friday hop :)

  2. Those are adorable! Even I could make them, probably. I'm totally going to try, anyway. Oh, I found your blog from the aloha blog hop and I love it...I'm now following you, and I'd love it if you checked out my blog:


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