Wednesday, February 13, 2013

B.You Blog Reveal {Plus A Really Awesome Spa Retreat}

Months of mind brewing and weeks in the making, it is time for you all to be introduced to this new blogging adventure that Heidi & I have started. 

First, let me tell you how it all began...

A few months ago I got blog conference fever. SNAP!, Revive, Alt Summit, and Blissdom {to name a few} were coming up and I wanted to be at each and every single one of them. But with limited funds and an exclusively breast fed babe, going just wasn't an option; not to mention every single date of each conference conflicted with my schedule. Not having the resources to form my own bloggers conference - or the time or energy - I started thinking about more affordable and doable alternatives and thought 'why not have a bloggers retreat?!'. With some brainstorming and researching, I quickly found that this little ol thought could be something big and was something I really wanted to pursue. 

The idea behind the retreat is that of what a bloggers conference would be; register to come, gain information, meet some new peeps, and have a lot of fun. The bloggers retreat will be a three day, two night stay at a local spa resort where there will be lots of spa time and a little bit of workshop. The retreat will only be open to a small amount of girls in order to keep it affordable and intimate. We hope that the retreat will grow over time and possibly become more of a conference, but for now the retreat is something we can handle and in order for it to be successful and beneficial to each blogger that comes, it needs to be small. 

When the idea came to mind I quickly bounced it off of Heidi to see what she thought and she was super excited about something like that being available to bloggers and quickly supported my vision. Knowing I couldn't do it alone, I felt in my heart she was the girl to ask to join me in this adventure. Plus, she lives about 20 minutes from me so having my bbffl {best bloggy friend for life} so close made planning and brainstorming just that much better. A quick visit to Heidi's house sparked a new thought, which would be an extension of the bloggers retreat. 

Needing a place for bloggers to go to find out more about the retreat and the workshops that will be available each year, we decided to start a blog. It would be a place to get the retreat more etsablished and grow a name for ourselves. In starting the blog we discovered that we not only wanted to offer a workshop to help out bloggers once a year at the retreat, but why not offer information all year long to help bloggers? And not just that, Heidi and I have seen a lot of blogs out there that have lost their efforts or have sadly copied {whether intentional or not} other blogs and content. Blogging is a community that we should all support and support one another in. This is something that Heidi and I are passionate about so the blog will offer tips and information on how to be a better blogger while still being yourself. So what was supposed to be an extension of the retreat has actually become the biggest part of this project and has made the retreat an extension instead. Thanks to some clever thinking, Heidi has named the blog and retreat very appropriately...

Without further ado, we are proud to reveal to you B.You and B.You Bloggers Retreat. B{Be/Blog}. You is a place to come for information, tips, tricks on blogging while being yourself. We want you all to be the best you can while being unique, original, and successful. The content will cover everything from how to start a blog, how to blog, how to take photos for your blog, how to gain a following and more. Knowing that we want to provide our readers with the best and the most current information covering all the bases, we asked some of our favorite bloggers to join us. 

Aside from Heidi & I being the main contributors to the blog, we have Torrie from Free Spirit Reigns, Richard from Richard Fusillo Photography, Christina from Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe, and Shannon from Sassy Lemonade {Blog/Shop}. Each one of them will be able to provide information in a wide range of topics and can bring to the blog things that Heidi & I wouldn't be able to otherwise. We are so excited to have these ladies and gent a part of the B.You team and are confident that they can help bring B.You far into the vision we have. 

Please, head on over to the blog, follow us on GFC, tell all of your bloggy friends about it! Heidi, the contributors and I are super excited about this and hope that you guys can gain a little something from us each week. Thank you all for your support and for being our main inspiration for this all! 


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