Friday, February 15, 2013

DIY 'Stay In' Date Jar

 Since baby has arrived, the man and I have had absolutely no time together alone. Oh, I am not complaining at all and I certainly knew that was going to happen, but baby is a bit older now and has more of a sleeping schedule. Also, big sister's bed time is pretty early still so after the kids go to bed we have a little bit of time 'alone' to enjoy before baby wakes up for a feeding and Richard has to go to bed. 
As with any couple, bringing home a baby can be a little straining on one's marriage and though we have managed okay, I still don't want to lose that closeness with him so for Valentine's I made him a 'Stay In' Date Jar. They're all dates we can do at home after the kids are in bed. 

There are several ways you can make one to fit your style and schedule, but this is how I made mine:


Empty coffee can
Burlap ribbon {or other ribbon/material}
Popsicle sticks
Hot glue gun

How to:

Peel off the coffee can label

Wrap the ribbon/material around the can and hot glue at ends {I also added some heart bunting}

Write out dates on the popsicle sticks

Now go put those kiddies down for bed and get your date on! 

Some date ideas:

Rent a movie and snuggle under a blanket with popcorn
Make dessert together and enjoy
Play a board game
Put a puzzle together
Take silly photos
Prepare everything for the next day {ie: lists, lunches, outfits, etc}
Sit out on the porch and watch the stars
Do a cross word puzzle
Look up silly/funny YouTube vids

Really the list could go on and on. What stay in dates would you add to your jar? 


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  1. This is soooo great! Wonderful idea. I really need to make one of these. We spend our nights just sitting on the couches each w/ our noses in a laptop. Thanks!

    Lesley /

  2. Such a good idea! My baby is a week and a half so there's no schedule yet, but this would be a good idea for when he's older!

  3. That's so cute. I think I would put in Watch TV...and both of us would try to choose that stick each time haha. {We love watching TV}

  4. OH, what a great idea! I love this! Thanks for sharing! -Jessica L

  5. this looks like great V-day! way better than restaurants and hotels, believe me!

  6. This is such a cute idea! Hope you and your husband were able to make good use of it! :)


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