Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Garbage Disposal Fresheners

If you're using your garbage disposal as you should be then it wont take long before it gets a little stinky. But if you make these quick and easy little balls of freshness you can rid of the smell and have a fresh smelling disposal. With just a few ingredients [that you already have, I'm sure!] these can be whipped up in minutes.
[Note: these will need to dry out over night or all day]


-baking soda
-essential oil, any scent [optional. i used an orange scent]
-dish soap
-melon baller or spoon
-wax paper
-Measure out 3/4 c. to 1 c. baking soda. Depending on how juicy your lemon is, I would start with 3/4 c. and add the rest if it's not the right consistency. Pour into mixing bowl.
-Measure 1/2 c. salt and add to baking soda
-Mix to make sure it isn't lumpy
-Grate lemon peel into the mixture
-Cut lemon in half and squeeze out all of the juice
-Measure 1 teaspoon dish soap and add to mixture
-Put a few drop of essential oil in [optional]
-Mix together until you get a coarse consistency, like wet sand. If it's too liquidy, add the other 1/4 c. baking soda. 
-Take your melon baller or spoon and scoop out little balls. Place them on a sheet of wax paper.
-Leave out over night or all day to dry
-Put them in a cute container and keep next to the sink or under the sink to save counter space.
When your disposal is smelling a little funky just drop one in and turn it on!


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  1. Need these! I usually just put the lemon peels down, but this is so much better!! Thanks love!


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