Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY Reusable Tea Bag

 Not a coffee lover? Prefer a cup of tea instead? I have a super simple way for you to enjoy that tea with out throwing away a single tea bag ever again! Im serious. And, like the coffee filter, it is easy and will take you as long as it takes to get the tea pot steamin'! 

Here is what you'll need:

-loose leaf tea {you can find this next to the regular tea in the grocery store or if you have a local tea company, you can get the tea from them}
-pre-washed, loose-woven unbleached cotton muslin scraps {if you're making the coffee filters too, you can use the same fabric}
-embroidery floss, bakers twine, or thin unbleached cotton rope {needs to be cotton}
-cotton fabric scrap {any color/patterned fabric scrap}

And yes, a sewing machine and scissors too! 


Cut a piece of your muslin fabric so that it measures 3x5 1/4

Fold down the top edge that measures 5 1/4 about 1/4-1/2 inch and stitch

Fold bag in half, right sides together {seams facing out} and sew around starting just below the fold you made at the top {this will be the casing for your string. yes, we are making a mini drawstring bag!}

Cut approx. 7-8 inches of floss, twine, or rope

Thread your floss, twine, or rope through the casing using a mini safety pin

Take your fabric scrap and cut out a little shape. I used pinking shears since this will be reused a lot and I want to prevent as much fraying as possible.

Stitch  to the end of both of the floss, twine, or rope ends

Add about 1-2 teaspoons of the loose leaf tea {depending on how strong you like your tea}

Close bag and steep!

{mug rug gifted by a great bloggy friend Torrie from Fox + Hazel]

Enjoying your tea yet? Well, get this! You can empty the tea leaves and hand wash your bags when you're finished with your cup. Lay them flat to dry on your dish drying rack and they're ready to reuse!

Not down for a reusable tea bag, but want to make a tea bag anyhow? Head on over to A Beautiful Mess blog for a Sweet Tea Bag Tutorial


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  1. What?! I never even thought about making my own tea bags. Brava! Now to find some muslin fabric scraps!


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